Boiron Coryzalia Cold 1m-11m 30 Doses

Boiron Coryzalia Cold 1m-11m 30 Doses

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Cold: Sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose

Coryzalia® soothes cold symptoms in children and babies aged 1 month and older

The average child comes down with six to eight colds a year. Looking for an effective way to alleviate their symptoms and make them feel better fast? Look no further than Coryzalia®!


Specially formulated for children and babies aged 1 month and older, Coryzalia® relieves sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose and low-grade fever due to cold. Parents and children alike will appreciate the ready-to-use, sterile water–based unit-doses, which are faster and easier to administer than ever. No mixing, no measuring, no fuss! And because they’re a cinch to tote, they’re a must for your travel bag as well as your home medicine cabinet.


1 unit-dose, administered orally, 3 times per day. Reduce with improvement.


• ALLIUM CEPA 3CH: relieves clear nasal discharge and glassy eyes
• BELLADONNA 3CH: antipyretic

• KALIUM BICHROMICUM 3CH: reduces thick nasal discharge
• PULSATILLA 3CH: reduces thick nasal discharge
• SABADILLA 3CH: relieves spasmodic sneezing


If symptoms persist or worsen for more than 48 hours, consult a health care practitioner.
Etiology: The common cold is an acute self-limited viral infection involving upper respiratory symptoms.
Manifestations:Children may have a mild fever and the infection targets the respiratory system with partial or total airways inflammation: including sinus, throat, larynx and bronchi.
Related Informations:
Expiration: 3 years from manufacturing date
Expiration date is clearly indicated on the box.
Keep at room temperature
Available in packaging of 15 and 30 unit-doses of 1 ml